Tuesday, July 9, 2013

after a while, I finally...


I hv to admitted. Agak susah buat diri ni nak selalu post cerite2 kat blog yg satu ni. Semuanya sbb satu penyakit epidemik yg sgt popular, MLS. Vokal utk ayat ni 'A' . Jadi, kalau MLS + A = MALAS. But, taht is naot the only sole reason why I didn't post an entry for a long time (though I think it's not that long), it's because  I don't hv topic to discuss, to share with all of you who read my blog (thank you :))

Okay, back to our main dish. Tadaa!

My newest picture/ doodle. (Doodle ke?) hehe. It's for the contest held at my campus. Her name, Hijab 3. Quite simple than previous Hijabs collection. Mesti korang bosan tgk koleksi Hijab aku yg black and white right? So, I upgraded it!

What do you think?? Did I look more like an ustazah to you? Nah, just want to share some dai'e my own way. The way that I comfortable with. Nowadays, people seem to be lost in the maze of love. (I love 'love' too) but as an Islam, the most important thing ( I always remind myself) that my belief is the one that lead me to eternal happiness. 'Cinta yang hakiki' I bet everyone in this world want it. Sape jer yg nak hidup merana seumur hidup?

Saya masih single and searching someone. Kalau tak usaha pun, belum tentu kita akan dapat. Don't be to o excessive and don't be too passive. Open your eyes and learn the world. (Nasihat utk diri saya sendiri juga)

Rasanya sampai situ je utk entry ni. Lain kali klu ada lagi inspirasi, saya akan post. Jgn risau. Saya tak lupe nk kongsi apa yg saya nk sampaikan. Apa yg sy nampak. :)