Wednesday, December 26, 2012

another creation for my own little thought

As you may know or maybe do not know, I like to create things by drawing... I love dreaming; thinking what may happen and the cause of it, things that... how people convey things, think about it, for what they do it and etc-ah! aha :>

okay enough of my blabbering, I want to share my drawing with you guys and hope you guys like it; that is you can copy paste any where but you cant erase any of my watermark and make it yours. That is how things should be shared by knowing who the owner of it. No hard feeling kay?

named it as Hijab2 after the n3 before
 oh, want to share song to that is from girl group from Japan called PERFUME, they release their song about 5/6 months ago and I just checked it yesterday night after browsing Miwa song; Napa, rich man poor woman.

Perfume : Spendng all my time

Miwa : Napa

Thursday, December 13, 2012



Every tie aku nak start tulis entry ni, aku mesti akan cakap... "it's been a long time since," again and again. Tak pun... erm, erm.... dah lupe lah. Hehe :p

ok... enough merepek. Nak ckp fasal ape yek? hehe, dh tak tahu nk ckap ape. Tdi beriye nak tulis tu... and tulis ni... last skli,dah lupe ape yg nak post. Huahhhh TAT

cantik tak? hehe. Ni bukan saya. Tapi odel saya. Yg wujud dlm otak saya a.k.a sebenarnyer kawan saya, fatin nabila.