Monday, August 16, 2010

play tag with me and know your friends!

this is a little bit weird?

i feel a lil bit bored so i wanna play tag with YOU!
i just copy-paste the question from the Deviantart[from my journal...]
enjoy it...

1. What's your favorite color?
something that will bright my future??

2. What's your biggest fear?
most of slim-y things plus cockroaches and LIZARD!!![GET THEM AWAY FROM ME!!]

3. What are your hobbies?
beeing fool n teasing my mom, drawing, day-dreaming, n something related to otaku-ing thing-y

4. Describe yourself in three words:
170cm or around the corner, have extra fat, died pimple[have been fought with it since last year! lol], 'bengap!'[that's what my mom always told me whenever i'm being fool! hahaha]

5. Are you Seme or Uke?
what are this some kind of joke or what?? [dont answer this if you do not know!!]

6. Zodiac symbol?
piecess[that's why i'm a wierdo!]

7. Where you from?

8. Random Fact:
only know how to cook western food, geh~[if my mom know about this...i'm dead!]

1.Whats your favorite coat?
something nice

2. Tennis shoes or High heels?
enough of high, i'm choosing tennis shoes

3. Formal or informal?
erm....did i have to choose cuz i like both of it!

4. Describe your style of dress:
simple...[my mom opinion, i'm too simple. haha. luckly i hv fashion-nistas beside me...]

5. Hats?
stylish but no flowers at granny...euwww..o_0

6. Sunglasses?
i dont buy them but wearing it for free and short limit time at accessories store...ex-specially parkson hahaha

7. Accessories?
simple but no golden thing-y....

8. Coat or sweatshirt?
yes! coat, please hand it over!!

9. Pajamas in public?!
i dunno how to answer this

10. What is normally attached to your person?
hah?? ?_?

~Five Obsessions~
1. be-loved family
2. comic
3. sketches
4. korean drama
5. FOOOOOOOD!love em,

~Do you...?~
1. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
who want me, i'm a wierdo!

2. Hate someone?
if someone me, i hate u more than u hate me

3. Love someone?
my family and my future family

4. Want to kill someone?
always! hahaha joking

5. Like cookies?!
if they're chocolate and have chocolate chips, would i not to like em??

6. Have any secrets?
when i want too secret something it always leak, haha like yesterday... i just make my house flooded although my house on top of the hill..hehe careless me 0.o

7. Have any pets?
not me but my lil bro....

8. Like cartoons?
only phineas and ferb....they're funny

9. Often go to the movies?
my father is stingy and i cant go out with my friend so when do i have time to go out for a movie....>o<

10. Think the cake is a lie?
no way

~Have you...?~
1. Kissed someone?
after i married to someone...

2. Fallen in love?
just once...hard to forget it though TAT

3. Danced in the rain?
when i was a kid i like to do it like in hindustan movies but now, it's an acid rain so i cant...

4. Swam nekkid?
are u kidding.... it's personal!

5. Traveled through space and time?!
in my imagination, yes!

6. Broken up with someone?
i dont remember that i've broken with someone!

7. Gotten in a fight?
always! with my lil sis and lil bro

8. Been slapped?
yup, by me hahaha

9. Climbed a tree?
yup, my neighboor tree past three months ago...

10. Played DDR?
erm, what is that ?[if you dunno what is DRR don't answer]

~What would you do if...?~
1. I died?
if u died, u would not tagged me, right?

2. I kissed you?
if u dare!

3. I hugged you?
i hug u back if u're a women and not lesbi

4. I held your hand?
jg nk ngada2!

5. I said I loved you?
i love u too[i dont know that so many people love me...]

6. I said I hated you?
that's awful, i hate u back as many as u hate me or more than u think so dont try to hate me....

7. I asked you to marry me?
if u're handsome and responsible and not stingy[like my father] and can past my mother exam that she prepare it after i was born, haha

8. I told you that I wanted to be friends?
if u sincerly want to be friend with me because of my leakness and not because of my perfectionist...

9. I wanted us to be together forever?
really, thanks but i will die soon

10. I asked you to bear my child?
ur child is a bear....or the bear have ur child...or...whatever...

so i wanna tag yana and... erm... NLTRA !!