Saturday, July 31, 2010

all about j-pop and k-pop! yeah yeah


now and then if you found anyone who use up this 'pe-yo' quote, that's mean its was me okey >.^V

alrite, today buzz is about aezdean....
i don't know why i got so excited about him... maybe his Malaysian and a pop singer in japan...[i think that's the reason for me to be not so maniac about him] and he had such a good song! although i don't know the meaning behind the lyrics but still its a love song rite?? he had those 'sengau' voice that is qualification to be a popular j-pop singer. Congrats to you bro! i tabik you laa. heheehe ~.~

1. bribarabribara

Narsha new song called "bribarabribara", [the spelling wright, right?] is so sexy make me feel she so sexy and awesome[amin like to say this word]. At the age of 30th years old, she finally success to be a successful k-pop singer.

2. MBLAQ i love you!!! except lee-jun...

G.O !!!!!! i see you in my dream and TV... I never bored to see your face... haaaa.....
Mblaq releasing the new song called 'one better day' and its like super shocking cool! i like it!!! it make my heart melt like chocolate melt under the sun...
kyaaaa!!! the way they move and the way they sing make me feel want to tear my shirt[uppps]

3. no other by suju

super cute song! with the cute outfit and the cute steps... hahaha
when i think back the true meaning of cute, it make me laugh out loud! [ the meaning of cute is ugly but adorable... hahaha >.
4. son dambi....
'wake up, wake up, wake up....' i like the sound of wake up. her song is so elegent and stylish and so mature!
clap, clap for her! yay!